Hi! I am Cammy Jicha, owner and lead photographer at BlackSilver Imaging! First off, I LOVE shooting weddings! I love all forms of photography, but shooting weddings is my favorite. I love how each wedding is unique like each couple is unique. When I photograph a wedding my goal is to capture the essence of the day. I want to tell the story of your love and excitement through photos. I think wedding photography allows me to access all my skills: capturing spur of the moment events, posing creatively, lighting in tricky situations, highlighting the details and most of all, expressing the love of the couple!

A little about my background:

I have always been an artist since I can remember. I started out drawing and painting. During high school and college I got interested in photography. I learned how to shoot on a fully manual 35mm film camera. I loved spending hours capturing images of my family and friends. People have always been my favorite subject. I attended West Chester University, earning a BFA in Fine Art (photography, painting & drawing) and from Moore College of Art & Design, a K-12 Art Teaching Certification. During the years that I was teaching art I continued to pursue a photography career. I started working as an assistant wedding photographer and I fell in love with it. I decided to focus on wedding photography and I have been shooting primarily weddings since 2008. I still love a good modeling or family portrait session, but weddings are my passion!

How I shoot:

Just like each couple and wedding is unique, I have my own unique style of shooting. I love to know as much about the couple I’m shooting as possible and their vision for their special day. I have shot enough weddings – over 300 – to know what works. I capture weddings in a primarily photojournalistic way. I won’t stop and pose you in the middle of your Ceremony or Reception; instead, I’ll be capturing the emotion of the moment. I take charge in a fun and relaxed way during the time you set aside for formal portraits. And of course, I will be capturing all those key moments in a creative, artistic way. I am always keeping up with the latest wedding photography trends and techniques. And to make BlackSilver Imaging complete, I have a talented crew of second shooters and videographers.